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      What Happens When You Win a Lemon Law Case?

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      What is Lemon Law?

      California Lemon Law protects consumers from buying defective products for consumer or household use. Lemon law has certain exceptions, however, and does not apply to clothing or certain perishable items like fruits and vegetables. Mostly, lemon law cases in California pertain to matters involving defective motor vehicles that should have never made it off the assembly line.

      In California, if a manufacturer cannot repair a defective motor vehicle within a ‘reasonable’ number of attempts to do so, they must either replace that vehicle or issue a refund. California lemon car law applies to motor vehicles with existing warranties only. Lemon car law cases typically involve passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

      How Hard is it to Win a Lemon Law Case?

      Winning a lemon law case can be challenging. The keys to winning your case include strong legal representation through record keeping, a firm understanding of California’s lemon laws, and strong supporting evidence to prove your lemon law claim.

      The more attempts made to repair a lemon vehicle, the more likely your chances of winning your lemon law case. Few lemon cases are decided after one or two attempts to repair the vehicle. Once you get to three or more unsuccessful repair attempts, the likelier your case will be considered for lemon law.

      For an improved chance of winning your lemon case, it is strongly recommended that you retain lemon law legal representation in Los Angeles, CA in handling cases similar to yours. To learn more about our legal services, please schedule your free case evaluation with our law firm today.

      What Are the Next Steps After Winning Your Lemon Case?

      Whether you’ve recently won your lemon law case or are trying to plan for the most optimal outcome in your case, it is wise to learn what happens next.
      If you win a lemon law case in California, manufacturers are required by law to provide one of three different remedies for consumers. These remedies include a replacement vehicle, a cash refund, Or a cash settlement reimbursement.

      Should You Choose to Get a Replacement Vehicle?

      If you are set on sticking with the same automotive brand, you can opt for a replacement car. In California, lemon law does not dictate that the replacement vehicle be the same make and model as the defective vehicle that started the lemon case.

      However, there are certain requirements that must be met. The replacement motor vehicle must be in new condition and within a similar price range to the original vehicle at the time of its original purchase. The total price of the vehicle should include the service contract, any undercoating, or other factory or dealership services. The automaker brand is to be responsible for registration fees and sales taxes.

      Ultimately, the decision to get a replacement vehicle is up to you. Some would rather opt for the money over the vehicle; that way, they can select a new car from an automaker that did not cause the hassle of a lemon law case. If you opt to go for the replacement option, our lemon law attorneys can help you ensure that your rights are looked after.

      Should You Opt for a Full Refund?

      If you’ve lost confidence in the automotive brand responsible for your lemon law case, you may prefer to take a cash refund from the car manufacturer instead of opting to get a replacement vehicle from them.

      California’s lemon law buyback option calculates the full contract prices of the car (MSRP), incidental damages, and collateral costs (sales taxes, licensing fees, title fees, etc.).

      Recovering a refund for your lemon vehicle is the first choice of many plaintiffs. Ultimately though, the choice is up to you as an individual. You may prefer to get a replacement vehicle instead of a refund; that way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of car shopping all over again. But if you would prefer the buyback option, our lemon law attorneys can help you ensure that your rights are properly safeguarded and that you get the compensation you deserve.

      Can You Recover a Full Reimbursement of Your Expenses?

      If you have recently won a lemon lawsuit, you should not have to worry about attorney legal fees and costly courtroom bills. You are entitled to full reimbursement of these expenses from the car manufacturer as part of the Lemon Law buyback calculation. Under California law, the automaker must pay attorney fees and costs.

      You may also be able to recover additional reimbursement for any expenses related to your lemon car case. These additional expenses may be related to attempts to repair your car, the cost of tow trucks, rental car bills, reimbursement for time spent at the mechanic, or expenses related to taking Lyft and Uber rides while your car is stuck in the shop.

      In order to recover full compensation for your lost expenses, you must keep detailed records and receipts of everything related to the servicing of the motor vehicle and your time spent without a vehicle. To learn more, please contact our law offices for a free initial consultation.

      Schedule a Free Consultation with Experienced Lemon Law Attorneys

      If you’ve won a lemon law case in California, then you’ve already accomplished the hard part. However, difficult choices still must be made before your lemon case can be concluded. You will have to choose between a replacement car or the refund buyback option. Either option has its benefits and drawbacks, and the choice is ultimately up to you. As your attorneys, we can provide you with valuable legal advice as you look to resolve your lemon car case.

      Our law firm has years of experience representing lemon car cases across the state of California. To schedule a free case evaluation, please contact our law firm at 626-600-0890.

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