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      California Defective Auto Lawyer

      Providing Legal Assistance to Car Owners with a Defective Car

      Defective vehicles are not simply a matter of a consumer not getting what they paid for — though that is a wrong that should be made right, regardless — but they can be a risk of severe injuries or even fatalities for the vehicle occupants. The unfortunate truth is that some vehicle design flaws may only be discovered long after the automobile has left the factory and joined other cars on the road. And in some circumstances, manufacturing defects are even overlooked by the car company responsible for making the cars in an effort to cut costs by cutting corners.

      If the motor vehicle defects of the car you own resulted in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation with a product liability claim. Car accidents are frighteningly commonplace in America, and sometimes they are indeed caused by auto defects or made decidedly worse because of a car defect. Car accident victims deserve financial compensation for severe injuries and other damages suffered as a result of a motor vehicle defect.

      If you have a personal injury claim or are considering entering auto defect litigation, you should hire experienced personal injury attorneys and car defect attorneys. At Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, we represent clients in several types of cases relating to vehicle manufacturing defects and Lemon Law claims. Whether including your case in a class action lawsuit or taking on the manufacturers responsible on our own, your car defect case is in good hands with automotive defect lawyer Justin Ibrahim.

      If you have any questions or concerns about auto defect cases or personal injury cases, contact our California law firm to schedule a free consultation with the attorney.

      What Types of Auto Defect Cases Does Our Firm Represent?

      Unlike other law firms, which might have a narrow scope of the types of auto defect cases they represent, Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, provides clients with legal services in an abundance of legal matters. With a solid defective product claim, it is possible to recover maximum compensation for your case.

      Attorney Ibrahim and his legal team represent clients in cases including, but not limited to:

      • A defective part or poorly made car part that the automotive industry should not have used.
      • A fuel system that may be exposed to sparks or flame, potentially resulting in fires and explosions.
      • Airbag defects may do more harm than good.
      • Broken seat belts or belts that tear easily make them useless in certain circumstances, like head-on collisions.
      • Defective braking systems cause unreasonably dangerous situations for drivers and their passengers on the road.
      • Defects in the body or frame of the vehicle endanger occupants with the threat of a roof collapse or roof crush.
      • Faulty temperature control systems may cause electrocution or fire.
      • Ignition defects cause unintended acceleration.
      • Passenger compartments that do not provide adequate safety for car crashes.
      • Missing auto parts are essential to the use of a safe motor vehicle.
      • Vehicle design oversights, which may cause instability or rollovers.

      Whether the result of design, marketing, or manufacturing defects, these flaws could cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. It’s essential that those who own defective products, whether they be electrical home appliances or midsize sedans, cease use of the defective product until the manufacturer fixes the issue. In cases where a defective vehicle causes a car accident, you must seek compensation with the help of auto defect lawyers.

      We practice law across California, including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, CA. Seek legal advice from an attorney with extensive experience in auto defects cases. Call Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, today.

      What Types of Personal Injuries Can Be Caused by Auto Defects?

      Defective parts and design can cause accidents. And, if things go wrong in such a way that endangers the driver and their passengers, those car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or even death.

      Common personal injuries caused by defective vehicles include:

      • Broken bones.
      • Burns.
      • Deep cuts and lacerations.
      • Internal injuries like organ damage and internal bleeding.
      • Loss of limbs.
      • Loss of vision or hearing.
      • Paralysis.
      • Spinal cord injuries.
      • Traumatic brain injuries.
      • Wrongful death.

      What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Motor Vehicle Defect Lawyer?

      While we would like to believe that an auto manufacturer would step up and accept responsibility for an automotive defect, many would rather deflect blame onto someone else or claim that their motor vehicles are the definition of safety on wheels. For those hoping to recover compensation for a serious injury with a product liability claim, it is necessary first to determine liability. In this matter, you must hire an experienced motor vehicle defects lawyer.

      Personal injury and product liability claims can be complicated and hard-fought legal battles. These are matters not well suited to legal novices or other law firms inexperienced in handling such cases. While no outcome can be guaranteed, Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, has the experience and knowledge to build a strong case and help you pursue the desired outcome.

      Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Lawyer to Discuss Your Defective Motor Vehicle

      As your legal representation, Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, will determine the legal basis for strict liability in your case. Attorney Justin Ibrahim will review your automotive defect claim and build a case to recover the maximum compensation for you and your loved ones.

      You’ll be able to speak directly to the attorney when you call Ibrahim Law Firm, APC. The client comes first, and they shouldn’t be passed around like a bad dollar bill. You’re valued here, and your concerns will receive full consideration at every opportunity.

      To schedule a free case evaluation, please get in touch with our California firm today. 626-600-0890.