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      Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

      Helping Car Owners Who’ve Been Taken Advantage of by Dealers and Manufacturers

      Have you recently purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle or a brand-new car in Los Angeles? Hopefully, this purchase is a cause for celebration — a teenager’s first car, a car buff’s dream ride, or the vehicle that will announce the arrival of your small business. But if you’re reading this page. Chances are it’s anything but a happy occasion. Thankfully, however, there are laws in place to protect consumers who believe they’ve accidentally bought a lemon car

      If you believe your defective car is a lemon, you may have a valid Los Angeles Lemon Law claim. However, there are numerous steps that car owners have to go through before an authorized dealer offers a replacement vehicle or the auto manufacturer pays to buy back defective vehicles.

      If you need help with your case, please speak with experienced Los Angeles Lemon Law attorneys. Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, is one of the premier lemon law firms in the Los Angeles area. We represent the legal rights of the car owner in a lemon case so that they can recover the proper compensation for warranty repairs and replacements.

      Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, offers our clients a free case evaluation to discuss the potential of their Lemon Law claims and explain how the state’s Lemon Law works. We have years of experience serving Los Angeles County. Don’t tear your hair out dealing with defective cars; speak with our Lemon Law firm today.

      How Does California’s Lemon Law Work in Los Angeles?

      California Lemon Law covers new, previously owned, leased, and rental cars. Provided that the defective vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty agreement, the automobile manufacturer or dealership is required to perform repairs to fix the defect.

      The California Lemon Law process does not stop after the first repair attempt. The state’s Lemon Law allows dealers and auto manufacturers to perform a ‘reasonable number’ of repair attempts. Suppose the nonconformity needs to be corrected by the car company or an authorized dealer. In that case, the car owner may file a Lemon Law claim to recover a replacement vehicle and a refund. Or cash compensation. In some Lemon Law cases, the manufacturer pays to buyback defective vehicles from car owners.

      If you need help with your Lemon Law case, please speak with experienced Lemon lawyer Justin Ibrahim.

      What is the Tanner Consumer Protection Act?

      California’s Lemon laws are the summation of the Tanner Consumer Protection Act and the Song-Beverly Act.

      The Song-Beverly Act states that a manufacturer that offers a manufacturer’s warranty must have the network in place to perform the necessary repairs for their products. The Act includes cars, boats, and consumer electronics within its scope. It expressly excludes clothing, food, and drink.

      The Tanner Consumer Protection Act helps clarify some vague language of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.

      Tanner defines a ‘reasonable number of repair attempts’ for vehicles covered by a manufacturer’s warranty as:

      • The defective vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 days since the car was delivered to its owner.
      • Dealers or manufacturers have failed to fix the same nonconformity four or more times.
      • Manufacturers and dealers have made two repair attempts to fix an issue that poses a serious injury risk to drivers or passengers.

      What Vehicle Defects Might Be Covered by Los Angels Lemon Law Claims?

      If the defects of your vehicle either substantially impair the use of the automobile or endanger its occupant, those defects may be covered within the scope of California’s Lemon Law.

      Vehicle defects covered include:

      • Airbag defects.
      • Braking issues.
      • Broken seatbelts.
      • Coolant system problems.
      • Electrical and power equipment malfunctions.
      • Engine nonconformities.
      • Exhaust system malfunctions.
      • Faulty fuel systems.
      • Issues with navigation systems.
      • Oil and other fluid leaks.
      • Power steering problems.
      • Suspension issues.
      • Transmission defects.

      Does California’s Lemon Law Apply to Company Vehicles?

      Yes. California Lemon Law includes consumer protection for businesses, with some restrictions.

      Provided that the business has five or fewer vehicles registered and the combined weight of those vehicles must weigh less than 10,000 pounds. A business may have Lemon Law cases for its defective vehicles.

      How Can a Lemon Law Lawyer in Los Angeles Assist You with Your Lemon Law Claim?

      California’s Lemon Law is written to protect consumers and car owners, but the process can be complicated to navigate. You must understand the warranty, the scope of the laws, license fees. and all the necessary paperwork.

      Our law offices can provide Lemon Law representation for you and your case. Whether you want your vehicle replaced or recover the maximum possible compensation, our Lemon Law experts will provide the guidance you need. With a strong case, we can also help you recover any down. Payment, registration fees, court costs, or monthly payments for your lemon car

      Schedule a Free Consultation with Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney Justin Ibrahim

      The Ibrahim Law Firm, APC serves clients across the great state of California with Lemon Law claims. If you’ve accidentally purchased a lemon, you should not just accept this injustice. Whether it was a new, used, leased, or rental car, you deserve to have your problems rectified. Lemon Law attorney Justin Ibrahim can help you in your pursuit.

      Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, offers personal, client-focused legal representation. You will speak with our lemon lawyers in Los Angeles personally when you call the law office. And you needn’t worry about legal fees; the manufacturer pays our fees, not our clients.

      Lemon Law lawyer Justin Ibrahim has the knowledge necessary to help you through the complexities of Lemon Law cases. To schedule your free consultation, please call 626-600-0890.