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      California Auto Dealer Fraud Lawyer

      Auto Fraud Lawyer for Car Buyers Who’ve Been Defrauded by Car Dealers

      It’s common to feel like a car dealer or auto repair shop has cheated you. The life of an automobile can be complex and difficult to nail down. Sometimes a crafty dealership might abuse a consumer’s lack of awareness and seek to sneak a dirty deal past them. This is auto dealer fraud, and it should not be tolerated under any circumstances. In fact, victims of this crime should seek legal advice from experienced auto fraud attorneys to learn their legal options going forward.

      Not only are used cars sold as new, but sometimes known defects in new cars are hidden away by car dealers. More commonly, however, a retail dealer will sell a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle as safe and undamaged while hiding away the vehicle history, accident reports, California Lemon Law Buyback history or misrepresent the car’s actual price.

      While state and federal law condemn these fraudulent practices and consumer protection acts are there to look after car buyers, these issues remain prevalent across California. If you’ve been defrauded, please contact auto dealer fraud lawyers, to discuss your case in more detail. Our firm offers a free case evaluation to all prospective new clients. And if you retain our legal services, you will not pay our office any legal fees; the auto dealers or the car manufacturers will cover those costs.

      What Are Common Examples of California Dealership Fraud?

      Many car dealers will offer their cars as “certified,” suggesting they meet a standard they do not. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite, and they’re hiding a fact about the vehicle they’re selling that would negatively affect the sales contract if the detail was known to the buyer.

      Common examples of car dealer fraud include deceptive practices by dishonest dealers, such as:

      • Car warranty fraud.
      • Did not disclose that the car was previously involved in an accident.
      • Failure to disclose that the car for sale was a former taxi cab, limousine, or rental car.
      • Failure to disclose that the car for sale was a Lemon Law buyback.
      • False advertising practices, such as the old “bait and switch” technique.
      • Falsified vehicle inspection report.
      • Improper certification of a used car.
      • Misrepresentation relating to the cost of the purchase price, down payment, vehicle financing monthly payments, and extended warranty.
      • Non-disclosure of a salvage title for a totaled car and then repaired.
      • Non-disclosure of damage to the frame or body of the vehicle.
      • Non-disclosure of weather damage.
      • Odometer rollback and mileage fraud.
      • Promise of special equipment or accessories, but then includes hidden fees.
      • Provided an inaccurate depiction of the vehicle’s condition at the time of sale.
      • Sold a car with known defects that could endanger the owner and passengers.

      Can You Sue a Car Dealer for Auto Fraud?

      The dealership’s deception is usually only detected after the victim takes their new car home. At this point, money has already changed hands, and most consumers, therefore, believe that they’re just out of luck. But depending on the circumstances, it is possible to file a lawsuit against a auto dealer for vehicle fraud.

      In order to sue for dealership fraud, the car buyer must establish certain facts, including:

      • The car dealership misrepresented the quality or status of the vehicles for sale.
      • As a direct result of this act of car dealership fraud, the car buyer suffered a financial loss in the transaction.
      • And that the consumer would not have entered into this transaction had they known the relevant information, such as vehicle defects or an accident report history that had been left unchanged after a known incident.

      Most attorneys are not knowledgeable enough in these types of auto dealer fraud cases. You want to hire experienced auto dealer fraud lawyers. Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, will examine your case to determine whether we have the facts necessary to ensure that the dealership can be found liable for auto fraud. Fraudulent misrepresentation can be written words, gestures, spoken words, and words left unsaid.

      And rest assured, you won’t have to pay our law offices any legal fees for our services. The dealership will cover the attorney’s fees after we win the case.

      What Could You Recover with a Successful Auto Fraud Case?

      With a successful claim, you may be rewarded certain types of compensation in an attempt to remedy the situation.

      Chief among them is the possibility of recovering a full refund and surrendering the vehicle you would never have purchased had you known its problems. In doing so, you may recover the cost of extended warranties, hidden fees, and any other money that changed hands in the deal. Coming short of that, you may recover money for any outstanding monthly payment plan or have the cost of court fees reimbursed.

      In cases of especially egregious conduct, you and your auto fraud attorney may pursue punitive damages.

      Contact Our California Law Offices to Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney

      When we buy a used car, we want to believe the documentation that suggests we’re getting a good deal and that there aren’t any defects that would make the car unsafe. However, all too often, a car dealership will attempt to cut corners or sneak something past their consumers, committing car dealership fraud in the sales process. When this happens, turn to Ibrahim Law Firm, APC.

      Serving clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, and all across California, Ibrahim Law Firm, APC is the place to go if you’ve been taken advantage of by a fraudulent car dealer.

      Whether you have a case of auto fraud or you’re looking to file a California Lemon Law claim, schedule a free case evaluation with our firm to discuss your legal options. 626-600-0890.