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      Auto Dealer Fraud and Lemon Law Overlap: Understanding the Intersection in California

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      What is Auto Dealer Fraud?

      Most car dealerships are legitimate businesses run by owners and managers who only want happy customers and easy sales. However, some dealers are run by scam artists aiming to exploit their customers with deceptive practices and fraudulent schemes.

      Common examples of auto dealer fraud include bait-and-switch tactics, not disclosing damage from previous accidents, financing forgery, and failing to disclose that a used vehicle for sale was once a rental car.

      If you’ve been the victim of a scheme like one, you might have the makings of a winning auto fraud claim. Speak with an experienced auto fraud lawyer to learn your potential legal options.

      What Are Lemon Law Cases?

      You might have accidentally purchased a lemon if you buy a defective vehicle that cannot be repaired. If the car is still under warranty and the defects meet the qualifying threshold, you could seek a full refund or a replacement vehicle.

      Defects that Lemon Law protections may cover include faulty braking, sudden acceleration, oil leaks, and defective electrical systems.

      To ensure your vehicle qualifies for California Lemon Law protections, please consult an attorney experienced in handling these cases.

      How Do Auto Fraud and Lemon Law Sometimes Intersect?

      In some cases, there is an overlap between Lemon Law violations and auto fraud schemes. A prime example of this would be if a car dealership attempts to knowingly sell a lemon car to customers without disclosing its defects.

      Misrepresenting the vehicle’s condition and value is auto fraud, including representing a lemon as a perfectly viable automobile.

      All vehicles with an original manufacturer’s warranty sold in California benefit from consumer protection laws like Lemon Law and acts like the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (CWA). If your vehicle meets the requirements for a lemon and the dealership is unable to correct the non-conformities, you may be entitled to receive a full refund or a replacement vehicle.

      What Are Examples of Auto Dealership Fraud in Lemon Law Cases?

      Common examples of auto fraud and Lemon Law violations intersecting include the following:

      • Deceptive advertising and bait-and-switch tactics: Ever heard that something’s “too good to be true”? With used car dealerships, that’s often the case. They might bait consumers with a great-looking deal, only to reveal the lemon vehicle on the lot. Now that they’ve got the buyer on-site, they’ll start selling them on a much more expensive option.
      • Non-disclosure of previous accidents or environmental damage: It’s important that a used car not be misrepresented. Some dealers will attempt to hide previous damage or accident history from their buyers.
      • Odometer fraud: Purposely altering a used car’s odometer to make the mileage look more attractive to potential buyers.
      • Selling a lemon as an operational vehicle: Sometimes, a dealership will attempt to pass off a lemon as a decent motor vehicle without any problems.

      If you suspect that a dealership is trying to take advantage of you, there are a few things that you can do to protect your interests. These steps include reviewing the vehicle’s CarFax, having an independent mechanic examine the car, knowing your credit score before you show up, and closely reviewing the warranty terms.

      What Should You Do if You’ve Been Victimized by Auto Fraud or Lemon Law Violations?

      If you’ve been the victim of auto fraud and Lemon Law violations, you should begin by gathering all relevant evidence in the case. This may include collecting all contracts, warranties, repair receipts, and payment plans.

      Then, contact lawyer Justin Ibrahim, who has years of experience in these practice areas.

      It’s important that you do not attempt to file a claim against the dealership yourself. These are people who’ve engaged in criminal activity, and you should be cautious around them going forward.

      Contact the California Law Offices of the Ibrahim Law Firm to Schedule a Free Consultation

      Ibrahim Law Firm has years of experience helping clients across California with auto fraud cases and Lemon Law claims. If you believe you’ve been a victim of either (or both) of these crimes, please get in touch with our law firm immediately to speak with the attorney about your case.

      Call our law offices today to schedule a free case evaluation. 626-600-0890.

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