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      Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, Lemon Law Attorney in California

      Do you believe you’ve accidentally purchased a lemon car? This happens more often than you might think. Oftentimes, it’s nobody’s fault. Some vehicles come off the assembly line with defects readily apparent when a consumer takes the car home, while other defects are not discovered until much later.

      Thankfully, there are several consumer protection laws and regulations in place if such a thing should happen. However, the California Lemon Law process can be complicated, especially for a car owner who wants to move on and feel safe on the road again.

      If you believe you’ve come into possession of a lemon vehicle, contact Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, to discuss your questions and concerns. Lead lemon law attorney Justin Ibrahim proudly provides his clients with personalized and dedicated legal representation. When you hire our law firm, you get a direct line to your lawyer.

      How We Can Help You
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      Does Your Defective Vehicle Qualify as a Lemon?

      For defective vehicles to qualify as lemons in California, they must meet the threshold for eligibility as laid out by California’s Lemon Law. The requirements include an active warranty status and a qualifying defect.

      Not all defects qualify. If a defect is determined to be too minor – or if the manufacturers suggest that the defect was caused by the car owner’s abuse or misuse of the vehicle – the car manufacturer and dealership may decline to issue a refund or provide a replacement vehicle. The defect must either represent a safety threat or otherwise significantly diminish the function and value of the vehicle.

      Defects that may qualify for Lemon Law protections include the following:

      • Braking issues.
      • Defective airbags.
      • Defective navigation system.
      • Electrical system malfunctions.
      • Engine stalling.
      • Faulty wiring.
      • Oil leaks.
      • Overheating engines.
      • Steering component problems.
      • Transmission issues.
      • Unexplained acceleration issues.
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      What Types of Vehicles Are Covered by California Lemon Law Protections?

      It’s not so much about the vehicle’s age or history when it comes to the question of qualifying for Lemon Law protections. So long as there is an original manufacturer’s warranty in place (or a qualifying extended warranty), it could potentially qualify as a lemon vehicle.

      Lemon Law varies from state to state. In California, the protections are afforded to new cars, used cars, leased cars, and electric cars. Lemon Law also covers motorcycles, provided the motorcycle was purchased from an authorized dealership and is registered for highway use (dirt bikes do not qualify). Provided that the motor vehicle meets the criteria for an active warranty and a qualifying defect, it is likely eligible for California Lemon Law protections.

      To ensure that your vehicle is one of the many that may qualify as a lemon in California, consult experienced California Lemon Law attorneys.

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      Meet Our Attorney
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      Justin Ibrahim


      Founder and lead attorney Justin Ibrahim is dedicated to seeking justice and compensation for car buyers who’ve been taken advantage of. Whether you fear you’ve bought a lemon or were defrauded by a deceptive California car dealer, the attorney will provide you with personal, accessible, and compassionate legal representation while pursuing your goals.

      A graduate of the University of La Verne College of Law and California State University Northridge, lawyer Justin Ibrahim was admitted into the State Bar of California in 2017. Across the country, the California State Bar is the most difficult to pass across the country, providing an extra level of assurance to potential clients that the state’s lawyers know their stuff.

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      What Are Common Examples of Auto Dealer Fraud?

      Auto dealerships are held to certain standards when selling motor vehicles to paying consumers. Deceptive practices like bait-and-switch schemes or financing fraud are illegal and can result in serious charges if caught.

      Unfortunately, auto dealer fraud is more common than anyone would like to admit, as some dealers think they can sneak in extra charges and take advantage of car buyers. If you believe you’ve been the victim of auto fraud, consult lemon law lawyers to discuss your case in more detail.

      Common examples of auto dealership fraud include:

      • Bait-and-switch false advertising.
      • Financing fraud.
      • Misrepresenting the actual price.
      • Misrepresenting the vehicle warranty.
      • Non-disclosure about vehicle history as a rental car or taxi cab.
      • Non-disclosure of a history of vehicle damage or car accidents.
      • Odometer fraud and mileage alterations.
      • Requiring optional add-ons.
      • Selling a used car as “new.”
      • Selling lemon cars.
      • Undervaluing trade-in vehicles.
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      Why Choose Us?
      Easy to Understand an Always in the Know:

      Don’t try to navigate the complexities of Lemon Law legalese. This matter can be infuriating for novices. Attorney Justin Ibrahim and his legal staff can relieve you of this burden, handling everything from A to Z. Bring your case to us instead of tearing your hair out alone.

      Direct Guidance from a Proven Attorney:

      When clients hire our law firm as their legal representation, they get attorney Justin Ibrahim himself. Other firms will pass clients around from one secretary, paralegal, or associate to the next. The attorney provides you with personal, dedicated representation at Ibrahim Law Firm, APC. Don’t accept any less from your legal counsel.

      Simplification – No Matter the Situation:

      Whether it’s your first car, your dream car, or just a vehicle that you have to rely upon, a car purchase is a big thing that shouldn’t be undervalued. Nobody in this situation imagines that they could unknowingly purchase a lemon, something that’ll only provide their lives with heartbreak and aggravation. We understand this and want to make things easier for you as you seek compensation for your troubles.

      Worry-Free Way to Get Justice:

      Car dealers are not always acting in good faith, unfortunately. If you’ve been the victim of a deceptive scheme, you should not confront them personally. These are people engaged in criminal activity, and you have reason to fear retaliation. Hiring a lawyer to represent your interests is far wiser. We can help you take legal action and hopefully recover financial compensation. In extreme situations, we may even be able to help you pursue punitive damages.

      If We Win, You Win:

      Hiring a lawyer for your defective vehicle case, whether it be a Lemon Law claim or an auto dealer fraud claim, should be affordable. Not only do we offer a zero-obligation free consultation to prospective clients, but you also won’t ever pay us anything in legal fees. At the end of a case, the attorney’s fees will be covered by the manufacturer, not the client. Hire our law firm with the confidence of knowing that we’re not here to rip you off as the manufacturers or dealers did previously. We’re on your side, and we’ll help you with your case from beginning to end. Schedule a free case review today by calling our law offices at 626-600-0890.

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      What Sort of Compensation Could a Claimant Recover?

      If you and your lawyer can successfully build a case, you may have a strong position in negotiations for a fair settlement. The automakers or dealership may offer an initial settlement amount, but you would be wise not to accept it right away. Your California Lemon Law attorney can help you negotiate for maximum compensation.

      With a solid case, you may be rewarded either a full refund or even a brand-new replacement vehicle.

      Financial recovery may take the form of repaying the original purchase price, the cost of repairs, and canceling lease terms or monthly payments.

      If you are not offered a favorable settlement, you and your lawyer can sue the car manufacturer and take the case to court. Most California lemon law cases are resolved well before they reach this step. If you go down this path, you want legal professionals on your side. Contact our firm for legal advice.

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      When Life Gives You Lemons, Call the Lemon Guys

      Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, provides legal services to clients across our beautiful state. If you’re experiencing issues relating to Lemon Law, auto dealer fraud, or defective vehicle recalls, please call us.

      Our firm may be small, but we see that as a benefit, as it allows us to provide dedicated legal representation with a personal touch. When clients call our law office, they don’t get passed around from secretary to secretary. A call to Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, gets you in contact with attorney Justin Ibrahim directly.

      Our firm offers a free consultation to all prospective new clients looking for legal guidance. Additionally, we do not charge our clients anything in legal fees. At the end of a successful case, the attorney’s legal fees are covered by the car manufacturers and dealers, never our clients.

      Contact us at 626-600-0890.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      What auto defects are not covered by California Lemon Law consumer protections?

      In order to qualify as a lemon, a vehicle’s known defects must meet a certain standard of representing a safety risk or diminishing the value of the car. Vehicle defects not covered by Lemon Law protections include problems caused by car accidents, owner negligence, unauthorized repair attempts, unauthorized modifications, and any defect that does not significantly diminish the function or value of the vehicle. Examples include defects caused by at-home repair attempts or any design decision that the new car owner no longer likes.

      What does California Lemon Law mean by a ‘reasonable number of attempts’ to repair a vehicle?

      Before a car dealership or manufacturer offers a replacement or a refund, they must be given a reasonable number of attempts to fix the nonconformity. What is considered a ‘reasonable’ number of repair attempts depends on the apparent severity of the defect and the hopes that mechanics have of fixing the defect. For defects that represent severe threats to the vehicle occupants and others who share the road, there may be only two attempts to fix the flaw before declaring the car a lemon. There may be more repair attempts for other malfunctions, perhaps totaling four or more.

      What models of cars have the most lemon complaints?

      Some car models experience more lemon car complaints than others.

      These models include the following:

      • The 2011 Chevy Cruze, which received a massive recall because of several reports of the steering wheel detaching from the steering column.
      • The 2021 GMC Acadia, GMC’s largest SUV on the market, which received reports of electrical problems and braking issues.
      • The 2015 Dodge Challenger is one of the more attractive muscle cars of the last decade, but it was also seemingly riddled with issues.
      • The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado, which was recalled because of defective airbags.
      Can a car that was leased or previously owned qualify as a lemon in California?

      Yes, absolutely. A used car or a leased vehicle is treated no differently from new vehicles. The requirements are the same: the used or leased motor vehicle must have been under warranty when the car owner signed the contract. However, if the used vehicle was bought after the warranty period, there may be difficulty bringing a Lemon Law claim to a satisfying conclusion. However, under the Implied Merchantability Warranty terms, a used car must be sold, meeting the basic standards of function and safety.

      Are there any upfront costs when hiring a Lemon Law lawyer?

      Hiring a California Lemon Law attorney should always be affordable. Nobody means to buy a lemon car, so nobody should be financially penalized for the transaction. Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if we win your case. What’s more, you won’t pay our legal fees. At the end of a successful case, our lawyer fees are paid by the car makers or the dealerships, never our clients. Additionally, we offer a free case evaluation.

      What if my car is out of warranty? Do I still have a valid Lemon Law claim?

      If you bought your car while it was under warranty – whether it was the original manufacturer’s warranty or a valid extended warranty – you may have the foundation for a Lemon Law claim. If you bought your car without a warranty, you may find your options far more limited. While you may not have the makings of a Lemon Law case, if a deceptive dealership sold the car, you could potentially file an auto dealer fraud claim.

      What is a ‘bait-and-switch’ scam?

      Bait-and-switch schemes are a form of false advertising which lure consumers in with an offer that’s probably too good to be true (the bait), only to reveal that that deal has expired or was for a vehicle that doesn’t look good up close. Then, once the consumer is on-site, they reveal a far more appealing option for a larger price (the switch). This and other types of misrepresentation are strongly discouraged and may lead to auto fraud charges. Consumer protection statutes are in place to prevent these kinds of scams.

      How can a car buyer avoid auto dealer fraud schemes?

      There are several ways to avoid being taken advantage of by a sneaky car dealer.
      Do your own research. Some cars have an unattractive history for car buyers, and dealers know this, so they decide to hide the truth. But the facts might be easy to discover with a quick look at the vehicle history, such as checking the VIN and a CarFax.
      Have an independent mechanic examine the vehicle. This may reveal many hidden truths, including odometer fraud, undisclosed damage, illegal modifications, and potentially official lemon car status.