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      California Lemon Laws for Motorcycles: Know Your Rights as a Rider

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      Does California Lemon Law Apply to Motorcycles?

      For many bikers, constantly tinkering on their rides is seen as part of the lifestyle. But that does not mean that motorcycle riders expect their bikes to be in need of repairs constantly. Indeed, a biker should not accept an always problematic motorcycle as a necessary part of being a motorcycle owner. You might not have a temperamental bike on your hands… you might have a lemon.

      The laws differ from state to state regarding what qualifies as a lemon and whether motorcycles are given the same considerations as other motor vehicles. Luckily, California does have laws that protect consumers who might’ve purchased a lemon motorcycle.

      There are some exceptions, however. For example, California Lemon Law does not extend to dirt bikes and other motorbikes designed for off-roading. If your motorcycle was not registered for use on a highway, it may not be protected under Lemon Law.

      And even the motorcycles that do qualify still need to meet the strict requirements. To ensure your motorcycle qualifies as a lemon bike, consult with experienced Lemon Law lawyers in your state.

      What Requirements Must Be Met for a Motorcycle to Qualify Under California Lemon Law?

      In order to be legally protected under Lemon Law, a motorcycle must meet certain requirements. You must meet the specific criteria to avoid your lemon case being dismissed, thus leaving you to sort out how to repair or replace your bike.

      Motorcycle Lemon Law requirements include the following:

      • The motorcycle must have been bought directly from the bike manufacturers or from an authorized dealership. Motorcycle purchases made between a buyer and an individual seller likely will not be covered under California Lemon Law.
      • The motorcycle could have been new, used, or leased so long as it was still under warranty. If the bike was not under its original manufacturer’s warranty or a dealership warranty, it is unlikely to qualify for Lemon Law protections.
      • The motorcycle must have been registered for personal, family, or household use.
      • The motorcycle’s defects must rise to a certain level of concern in the eyes of the law. Typically this means that the defect either significantly diminishes the function and value of the motorcycle or the defect represents a serious threat to the safety of its riders.
      • The dealership or manufacturer must be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the nonconformity before the bike can officially be considered a lemon.

      For help understanding the qualifications for a lemon motorcycle, speak with Justin Ibrahim, a lawyer focused on helping clients through the complexities of Lemon Law. The Ibrahim Law Firm offers free case reviews to clients looking for legal advice.

      Does Your Motorcycle’s Known Defects Rise to the Threshold of Being Considered a Lemon?

      Not all problems are covered by Lemon Law. In some cases, the manufacturer or dealer may suggest that the severity of the defect does not meet the threshold to be considered a lemon. In other cases, they may claim that the issues were caused by misuse or abuse and are therefore not covered.

      Common issues that may qualify a defective bike for Lemon Law protections include:

      • Decreased acceleration.
      • Defective design.
      • Dysfunctional braking system.
      • Engine malfunctions and disrepair.
      • Electrical system failures.
      • Failure to start or crank.
      • Oil leaks.
      • Sputtering power.
      • Stalls.
      • Steering malfunctions.
      • Strange bursts of acceleration.
      • Tire problems.

      Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney Today

      There are several benefits to hiring a lawyer for your Lemon Law case. Not only can your lawyer help you understand the basic qualifications, but their legal experience can help you file a claim and negotiate for better compensation. And, in the unlikely situation where your case goes to court, your attorney will be there to represent your interests while in pursuit of the most optimal outcome.

      Motorcycles are an iconic part of the image of America, and their riders deserve the sort of legal protections for upkeep, repairs, and safety. If you believe your motorcycle might be defective and beyond repair, Ibrahim Law Firm would like to discuss your case immediately.

      Call our law office to schedule your free case evaluation today. 626-600-0890.

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