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      Get to Know Justin Ibrahim, the Founder of California’s Ibrahim Law Firm, APC

      Founder and lead attorney Justin Ibrahim is dedicated to seeking justice and compensation for car buyers who’ve been taken advantage of. Whether you fear you’ve bought a lemon or were defrauded by a deceptive California car dealer, the attorney will provide you with personal, accessible, and compassionate legal representation while pursuing your goals.

      A graduate of the University of La Verne College of Law and California State University Northridge, lawyer Justin Ibrahim was admitted into the State Bar of California in 2017. Across the country, the California State Bar is the most difficult to pass across the country, providing an extra level of assurance to potential clients that the state’s lawyers know their stuff.

      What Practice Areas Does Ibrahim Law Firm Represent?

      If you’re looking for legal services related to California Lemon Law, car defects, and auto fraud, you’ve come to the right place.

      Our law firm represents cases including, but not limited to, the following:

      • Auto Dealer Fraud: Car dealership fraud is a troubling trend across the country, and it’s no different in California. Whether by misrepresenting the actual price of a car, not disclosing that a vehicle was a former rental car, hiding facts from an accident report, or many other deceptive practices, car dealers have no shortage of ways to take advantage of their consumers. If you believe you’re a victim of auto fraud, we can help build a case to recover the money you spent when purchasing a new or certified pre-owned used car.
      • Defective Vehicle: Some cars come off the factory floor defective in one way or another. Suppose these defects and nonconformities present a severe threat or a significant inconvenience to the vehicle’s owners. In that case, securing a refund or replacement vehicle from the manufacturers or the dealership may be possible.
      • Lemon Law: Several consumer protections are in place for car buyers. If you believe you’ve purchased a lemon, our California Lemon Law attorney can assist you in filing a claim.

      Where Does the Ibrahim Law Firm Practice Law in California?

      We serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, Napa County, Alameda, Mariposa, Santa Clara, Fresno, Humboldt County, Sacramento, and San Bernardino.

      If your Lemon Law, defective auto, or dealer fraud case is based anywhere in California, we’ll provide you with the legal services you need.

      Where Else Can Ibrahim Law Firm Be Found Online?

      In addition to this website, you can also find Ibrahim Law Firm elsewhere online under our Lemon Guys handle.

      You can find us on Facebook or our Instagram page, where we are proud of our over 25,000 followers!