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      Resolving Lemon Law Cases Without Going to Court in California

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      Do All Lemon Law Cases Go to Court in California?

      Not all lemon law cases go to court in California. Many lemon law claims are settled out of court before a trial is ever deemed necessary. Many more end up in arbitration instead of the courtroom, which is likely at the suggestion of the car manufacturer. In fact, car manufacturers are likely to pressure car owners and lessees into arbitration, suggesting that it may be the most viable option for them. This is not always the case. Car owners and other consumers with valid warranties for defective products should think twice before attempting to arbitrate their lemon law claims without legal representation.

      We would be proud to lend our legal advice to you during this challenging circumstance in hopes of helping you maximize your compensation and speed along the legal process. Our legal team operates on a contingency fee basis, which is a great benefit to our clients. We only get paid if you get paid. Additionally, our Los Angeles-based law offices offer free case reviews to prospective new clients. To schedule your free, no-obligation case and evaluation, please contact us today.

      What Are Common Lemon Law Disputes in California?

      If you have a lemon law case in California, you may have a difficult and uphill battle arguing your case in pursuit of financial recovery. While California lemon law is meant to protect consumers, there are many criteria that must be met. Additionally, car manufacturers and car dealers will often dispute your claims in an attempt to save money and deny you what you deserve.

      In many unfortunate cases, dealerships and manufacturers may dispute your lemon car claims. They may say, after attempting to make the required repairs, that they cannot repeat the problem that you are experiencing. Or they may claim that you are the party responsible for the defect and take no responsibility for themselves. Others have faced disputes wherein car dealers and manufacturers claim that the defect is minor and does not rise to the eligibility for California lemon law protections.

      If you are facing a challenging lemon law dispute, call us for a free consultation.

      Should You Accept the Initial Settlement Offer?

      Car manufacturers and dealers want to save as much money as possible. With their teams of lawyers, a car manufacturer is well defended against all legal claims and will attempt to find issues with your case. They may even offer a small settlement early on in the process in an attempt to make the legal claim go away. However, you are not obligated to accept this lowball offer. You have the legal right to arbitrate, mediate, or sue in pursuit of maximum compensation. To do so, we advise you to first contact our law firm for legal aid.

      Should You Arbitrate Your Lemon Law Case?

      Car manufacturers are fond of the arbitration process. They will claim that arbitration will resolve the case faster than lawsuits. And while these arguments have some ring of truth to them, that does not mean that you should consider arbitration as your first option.

      In arbitration, instead of your case going to court, where it will be heard by a judge and jury, your case will be heard by an arbitrator. The arbitrator is a private third party entrusted with the authority to hear both sides of the legal dispute and render their decision based on the merits of the claim.

      The one true advantage of arbitration over filing a lawsuit is that arbitration will save time. If you are pressed for time, you may consider arbitration the most optimal legal option.

      Is Mediation an Option?

      Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), such as mediation, are another option to consider. In mediation, a neutral third-party legal professional known as the mediator will help negotiate between the two parties involved in the lemon law dispute. In mediation, you and the car manufacturer’s representatives will attempt to work together to come to an agreeable resolution for both sides.

      It would be wise to retain legal counsel during mediation, as they can help remind you of your legal rights throughout the process.

      Do You Need to File a Lawsuit for Your Lemon Law Claim?

      While lemon law dictates that manufacturers must offer either a refund or a replacement vehicle for your troubles, they will fight tooth and nail to avoid such an outcome. They may claim that your warranty is insufficient or may claim that your defects do not rise to the level of lemon law, and so on. If you are dealing with a difficult and combative car manufacturer, you may need to consider filing a lawsuit in pursuit of damages.

      If you have decided to buy from the car manufacturers, we must advise you to first contact our California-based law firm for legal assistance.

      Is it Time to Litigate Your Lemon Law Claim?

      If the car manufacturers reject your settlement demands, litigation may be necessary. While most California lemon law cases are settled before trial, your lawsuit could take the case to court. In such situations, you want a lawyer in your corner to represent your legal rights and best interests.

      Lemon law litigation will begin with your lemon law attorney filing a complaint. This complaint will then be followed by the manufacturer’s response and the court setting a trial date. From there, the discovery process will begin, depositions will be read, and other pretrial motions will take place.

      A settlement agreement can be reached at any point during the litigation process, including before trial or during the trial process.

      What if the Car Manufacturer Says You Don’t Need an Attorney?

      Just as many car manufacturers will argue that it is in the best interest of car owners and lessees to enter arbitration to settle disputes, they are also likely to recommend against hiring a lawyer. The car manufacturer may point to different factors, such as the cost of attorney fees, as reasons why to avoid hiring legal representation. But consider that they are looking out for their interests and not yours. The reason why they don’t want you to hire a California lemon law attorney is that by doing so, you stand to maximize your settlement.

      Keep in mind that our law firm works on contingency. We don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.

      Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney Today

      Ibrahim Law Firm is a highly reputable legal team representing consumers who have been unfortunate enough to come into possession of lemon vehicles. We take pride in our work and will pursue the maximum compensation for your case. Every case is unique, and we offer legal services tailored to your needs as you seek to settle your case in or out of the courtrooms.

      Schedule a free consultation today. 626-600-0890.

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