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      Is Your Leased Car a Lemon?

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      What is a Lemon?

      A “lemon” in terms of auto vehicle terminology is a car that doesn’t work right. It’s a situation that can be devastating both mentally and financially. The language has been used for over 100 years to describe defective products and items with value less than what meets the eye. The word became a trend due to the connotation of a lemon being both sour and distasteful. LA attorney experienced in lemon law disputes are successful at working towards getting you the justice you deserve for this type of situation.

      Can a Dealership Sell Me a Lemon?

      Technically, no. A dealership cannot sell you a lemon if they are knowledgeable of the vehicle being one. Unless the dealership has a “lemon law buyback vehicle” notice or marking, it is considered an unacceptable and unethical practice. Specific laws are set in place in most states that determine what to do if you have been given a lemon vehicle.

      What is the Lemon Law?

      Different laws, like the California Lemon Law, acknowledge that if dealerships sell you a lemon, you will be entitled to some sort of legal justice. This stands even if you do not have the funds or financials for a new vehicle. Before getting a dealership to pay you for a new car or receive compensation, many steps are needed. Speaking with an experienced California Lemon Law attorney can help you represent yourself with this claim.

      Other states also have lemon laws to stop the selling and spread of lemon vehicles. Different states have different wording in their lemon laws. The California Lemon Law is one of the strongest ones out of all of the states. The Lemon law applies to any vehicle purchased from a dealership, including leased cars. These laws exist to protect car owners from being stuck with defective vehicles.

      There are multiple ways to spot a lemon and determine if the car you leased is one. We know this time can be unsettling, and we want to give you the best results for your situation as quickly as possible.

      Here are 4 ways to figure out if your leased car is a lemon and what to do next if you find out it is.

      1. Your problem with the car still exists after 4 or more repair attempts.

      If the car you are leasing continuously has problems, we know this is a bad sign. Constantly getting the problem repaired, and it still won’t get fixed, is a good indicator that your leased car might be a lemon. If you bring your vehicle in for the same problem over 4 times, consider your vehicle a lemon. Any problem you bring to a shop with no real fix after 4 times is not worth your time.

      2. If the car does not work for 30 or more days.

      Between bringing the car in repeatedly and the problem itself never being fixed, if you find your car not working for 30 days, it is probably a lemon. It is important to note that the 30 days do not have to be consecutive in a row. It can be 2 days in a row and another day in another week, etc. It just has to be 30 or more days of the similar problem not working.

      3. The problem started within 18 months of having the vehicle or after driving 18,000 miles.

      In this case, whichever comes first is the necessary sign to figure out if your leased car is a lemon. Typically, with leased cars, it’ll be within the first 18 months and not so much the mileage aspect of the scenario. It’s essential to watch your car for damage, problems, issues, or errors during those first 18 months.

      4. You told the manufacturer about the problem and repeatedly took it to the manufacturer for repairs.

      If you’ve taken the car to the manufacturer or their counterparts multiple times for the same issue and they couldn’t fix it all the way, it’s safe to say you have a lemon. If any manufacturer counterparts have tried to fix the vehicle and it continues not to be resolved, you could have a lemon on your hands.

      What Should You Do Next?

      If you’ve realized your vehicle might be a lemon, you should seek legal assistance promptly. Even if you have a valid California Lemon claim, an experienced Lemon Law attorney can help organize your information and claims and help you seek justice faster. California Lemon laws are put in place to protect you, and we want you to be back on the road with less stress as quickly as possible. No one should have to go through the trouble of handling a Lemon Law claim alone.

      We’ve Got Your Back

      We know how exciting a period should be when getting a new vehicle, and we understand the feelings that arise when finding out your car is a lemon. We wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Come chat with an experienced California Lemon Law attorney today to learn about your rights and determine your next steps to seeking justice. No one should have to go through this battle alone. We’re here to help you seek justice and hopefully help you get on the path to replacing your lemon with a vehicle that will actually work for you.

      To learn more about the details of your car, your choices, and how to secure necessary legal action, contact a law attorney at Ibrahim Law Firm, APC, today by calling 626-600-0890.

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